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Domaine de Bayssan spreads over a 160 hectare area along the A9 motorway
Domaine de Bayssan offers a wide range of different scenery and areas that enable to stage various types of performing arts: the Big Top area, the garden and the park, the chapel of Saint Felix de Bayssan where some smaller theater plays or classical concerts can be performed. sortieOuest Big Top was inaugurated in December 2006 and installed at the very heart of Domaine de Bayssan.

sortieOuest, more than a theatre

Different from a conventional theatre, the configuration of sortieOuest permits to abolish the symbolic barrier between stage and house, performers and spectators. For the audiences to capture more easily the artists approach and appreciate the interpretation, performances of classical or contemporary styles, places of togetherness, musical events, storytelling moments, can find their right place in the programming.


The Chapel of Saint Felix de Bayssan

It is part of a cluster of Romanic buildings and mentioned in Béziers chart library in 1118 and 1119.

Theâtre SortieOuest - Tél :  04 67 28 37 32 – Performances in Béziers.