It is my pleasure to present to you the programme of the 7th season of sortieOuest, the performing arts and theatre venue which has become an essential landmark in the cultural landscape of the department from now on. The sortieOuest team has managed to work both with urban community groupings and communities themselves as much as with the social and educational players. Jean Varela and his company have been able to meet the political order we had agreed upon: being an active medium for cultural dissemination in the West part of the Herault and an incentive for the mobility of audiences and creations. In this programme, multiple temporalities converse, masterpieces correspond with each other, a variety of genres and origins are confronted and merging. Allow yourself to get lost in the complex geography of this programme which, at the corner of a performance unveils the poems of Miguel Hernandez, a Spanish republican who died in the Franco jails and to whom “the sunbeam in the middle of a struggle forever overcomes darkness”; Rabelais’ Fourth book which was to include laughter into the so called “serious culture” in order to overcome the fear of mystery and reveal the truth to the world. Jiro Taniguchi who has given luster to manga comics, that are not at all a minor art form and who, in his work “A Distant Neighbourhood” lets his 48 year hero be “carried away in the course of his newer dream childhood”. Among the pillars of the classical repertoire and the latest creations, do let yourself be guided throughout this cultural journey and take the risk of being surprised, amused, questioned and, in any event, taken away.
André Vezinhet
Président du Conseil général de l’Hérault 
President of the Hérault County Council

SortieOuest was inaugurated in December 2006. Four months before, the car park had been a melon field and the Big Top space a piece of waste ground. It was almost impossible and unreasonable to believe that one day, a theatre of canvas and wood so distant from the city would emerge so fast from a splendid estate unquestionably, yet almost unknown to the public.
Many a playgoer did not believe this theatre would last long and they would rather see it as a transient whim, within a suburban area already well provided, apparently at least, with cultural facilities and amenities. But the political will and unfailing commitment of the Département de l’Hérault, the sortieOuest team fighting spirit and the public’s curiosity decided otherwise.
Today sortieOuest is a respected cultural institution, regionally and nationally. A theater one enjoys going to feel comfortable, where people know they will be welcomed home, I am talking here about the public and the artists, where everybody knows the quest for meaning and gist will always prevail against semblance and fashions. A worthy place for reflection and entertainment which constantly but unassumingly offers its audiences public spaces of freedom of choice and research, without ever being dogmatic.

All the events available to the public around the programming bear testimony of these facts : the bookshop L’Air de rien, the Curiosity Shop and Tea time for the Speculative and Curious (Thés des curieux), a real people’s university of knowledges organised in partnership with the Département Multi Media Centre.

Why has Bayssan made such an impact as a fully functioning field of art and culture? Just because these events have become a reality, because a well performing educational service was created two years ago, because an agreement was signed with Béziers Henri IV school complex, and because at the start of the academic year, we will be in charge of the on-stage classes within the Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts degree, newly developed in Béziers by Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 University.
All these missions on behalf of the public service and popular education encouraged our audiences to be loyal to what is central to our work at sortieOuest and in the Grand Tour: creation. Creations within delegated/commissioned production and creations by the In Situ company which has been a close partner of sortieOuest since it was founded.

For two years now, we have been supporting the comedian Stéphanie Marc in her work. Amore, variétiés, after being created last January at sortieOuest will be running next season. Marylin Monroe/Interviews will be resumed at the Théâtre du Lucernaire in Paris, in September and October 2012.

In this spirit of sharing and openness we have the pleasure to welcome La Nuit Remue and its director David Ayala. They will be the resident company of the theatre as the season starts.
We will all remember René Gonzalez, comedian and theatre director of Vidy-Lausanne who passed away last spring and fraternally supported us since the very start. In memory of René, we will humbly continue to liaise between artists and the audiences.

Jean Varela
sortieOuest General Manager