Technical specifications of the site

The canvas and wood theatre is a self-supporting circular big top without central pole, 25 m in diameter. The floor is wood parquet underneath the tent surface. Heating is provided by a forced air system.

Spectators can sit on semi circular rows of benches and in the pit.

There are three possible seating configurations:

When all spectators are sitting: seating capacity for up to 325 people.
Spectators sitting on benches and standing in the pit: up to 750 people capacity.
All spectators standing: up to 900 people capacity.
The first seating configuration is recommended for theatre plays, circus shows and certain concerts.
The last two are recommended for concerts.

The stage is also a collapsible modular system. The width of the platform as well as its length can be adjusted to the different types of performances hosted at sortieOuest.
Three theatre boxes are also available.

Backstage access to the premises is located behind the big top and tent: from motorway take highway to Bayssan Le Haut, ignore the car park to the left, follow the small road along the estate stone wall, then take the dirt path to the left which leads to the backstage door.

Please note: vehicle limited height 4.2m. (13.8 feet) for taller load trucks, leave  the motorway roundabout, do not turn right but carry on as far as the next roundabout (direction Béziers -  Saint-Pons, Mazamet) that allows you to take a U turn (8km)
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